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Are you looking for the best audience for your ESL resources?  You get maximum exposure of your advertising resources by placing your ad with Puerto Rico TESOL.  ESL teaching professionals, department heads, consultants, and school administrators in both the public and private sectors will see your ad.

Our membership covers the whole island of Puerto Rico and has increased significantly due to the hard work of the PRTESOL Board.  Primarily, we focus on delivering conferences and workshops throughout the island of Puerto Rico.  Our conventions attract professionals in the ESL and education field from around the world.  On the other hand, PRTESOLGram newsletter is read by all our members in Puerto Rico, the United States mainland, and our neighboring Caribbean islands.

The PRTESOLGRAM is published quarterly as a service to English language educators and administrators by:

Puerto Rico TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
P. O. Box 366828, San Juan, PR 00936-6828.




Stephanie Hernández,
PRTESOLGram  Editor



Articles on English-language teaching, theory, and education in general are welcomed. Submissions must be typewritten, double-spaced, not longer than five pages, and they should follow APA or TESOL Quarterly style. They are subject to editing for style, space, and other professional considerations. 

Send submissions to:

Send submissions to: 
P. O. Box 366828
San Juan, PR 00936-6828





Articles and advertising copy must be submitter by: 
April 7 (spring issue), June 30 (summer issue), August 30 (fall issue), November 1 (winter issue).




All rights are reserved. However, subscribers may reproduce articles for classroom use. Quotations up to 25 words are permitted if credit to author and the PRTESOL Gram are included. In other situations, permission in writing is required. 



Advertising Rates













1. Per issue/single run









2. (Two consecutive issues 10% discount)












3. (Three consecutive issues 20% discount)












4. Cover (once inside back black and white)

*(three consecutive issues -20%)








5. Annual Convention - Program Cover 
    (inside front- black and white)







6. Convention Program and PRTESOL GRAM 
     Cover  (inside back- black and white)






All ads should be camera ready. 
Ads received with payment will be run first. 
Tear sheets will be sent after publication. 
Circulation: 1,500

To receive consecutive run discount, the discount must be requested in advance
and total amount (price quoted in parenthesis) must be paid in advance.


Please make checks payable to Puerto Rico TESOL and send to:

Treasurer - PRTESOL 
P.O. Box 366828 
San Juan, PR 00936-6828