Benefits in joining PRTESOL:

· Discount fees for the annual PRTESOL convention featuring prominent speakers in the ESL field, as well as workshops, seminars, and conferences.

· The opportunity to attend an annual Summer Institute (a one-day continuing education program) held at different island locations.

· Varied Regional Chapter activities you may attend, plus the chance to win a complimentary registration to the annual PRTESOL convention in each regional activity.

· Voting privileges in order to elect those who will determine the direction of PRTESOL.

· The right to attend monthly Board meetings held in various parts of the island.

· The opportunity to apply for the organization's different award and scholarship prospects.

· The opportunity to run for office and become a member of the Executive Board of PRTESOL.

· The opportunity to join others in a prestigious professional organization that is dedicated to serving the interest of the ESL profession.

· The opportunity to travel with other PRTESOL members to TESOL conventions in other countries.

· The opportunity to receive the PRTESOL GRAM, a regular publication that includes articles on research, teaching methods, and materials in ESL.  It offers book reviews, and commentaries on events of interest to the profession.  Announcements of local and international significance are also included.

· The periodic "Bulletin from the Board" to keep you informed of whats happening in PR TESOL.