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Reading:  Reading Comprehension exercises

Reading links  Good reading exercises    Read a fable, and do a variety of exercises  Good list of short stories  Quotation page

Robin Armstrong's Zodiac Predictions - Gives daily horoscope

Fairy Tales and Fables  Grimm's fairy tales are very well-known

Internet Public LibraryStory Hour   & Many Books

Short Stories    ---  By ESL students

Poems    ---  By ESL students

U. S. Holidays.   ---  Introduction to some major U. S. holidays

Migrant writing Easy reading material

Jokes for the ESL/EFL Classroom (I-TESL-J)

Oracle Service Humor Archives

The Joke Repository

Funny Strange? No, Funny Ha-Ha.

Classic Short Stories

 Yahoo! News Top Stories Reuters  Short news articles

 Search for lyrics Find the words to popular songs   Links to short story authors.

 My Works of Poetry

 Bugsy's Poetry Paradise

 Cool Poetry Links

 The Poetry of Matthew I. Dworkin

Archives - Short Stories

 Short Stories (Written by students)

 The Haiku Archive. Submit your own haikus and view haikus submitted by others


Online Dictionaries:

One Look's Dictionaries.

English-Spanish Dictionary and Translator.

Activa English Spanish Dictionary.

A Web of On-line Dictionaries

Webster' s Dictionary.

Roget's Internet Thesaurus.

Bilingual Dictionaries.

Oxford Dictionary On-line.

The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary

On-line Dictionaries and Translators.



National Newspapers

Anchorage Daily News
Boston Globe
Chicago Sun-Times
Dallas Morning News
Houston Chronicle
Los Angeles Times
USA Today
Washington Post
The Atlantic Monthly
New York Times
Chicago Tribune
Philadelphia Inquirer
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Orlando Sentinel
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Today
Washington Times
Berliner Zeitung
Die Welt
The Times (London)
Japan Times
Asia Week
El Universal (Mexico)
El Diario de Coahuila (Mexico)
El Diario de Chihuahua (Mexico)
El Economista (Mexico)
El Correo de Guanajuato (Mexico)
La Voz de Michoacan (Mexico)
CNI Enlinea (Mexico)
REUTERS (Mexico)
El Universal (Panama)
El Siglo (Panama)
La Prensa (Panama)
El Dia (Argentina)
La Nacion (Argentina)
El Mundo (Spain)
El Pais (Spain)
La Nacion (Costa Rica)
La Prensa (Honduras)
El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua)
La Tribuna (Nicaragua)
Expreso (Peru)
Puerto Rico Herald
Vieques Times
The San Juan Star
La Esquina de Puerto Rico


National Magazines

Business Week
National Review
Readers Digest
Scientific American
The Scientist:The News Journal for the Life Scientist
U.S. News
The New Republic
National Geographic
Popular Science
The Weekly Standard
The Nation
National Review Online
Atlantic Unbound
American Prospect Online
Spiegel Online (in German)
Consumer World


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Lycos Image Gallery

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Barry's Clip Art Server

Sheryl & Santa's Christmas

Study WEB

GO Network: Christmas clip art

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GO Network:Religious & spiritual clip art

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