Dear PRTESOL Members,

After thoughtful discussions and an intense examination of the formation of each local chapter board and operations of the six regional chapters and the unsolvable situations we have with two of the regional chapters, the Board of Directors voted to merge the (6) six regional chapters into (4) four regional chapters.  We also recognize the economic crisis in Puerto Rico, and its effects on our organization. Therefore, we hope that this merger will allow the association to address more effectively the professional needs of English educators in Puerto Rico especially our active members.

At the October 4 board meeting, a motion was presented, voted, and approved to have the following four regional chapters: Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western. A map has been included in this communication with the distribution of the towns/cities of each regional chapter.

I have also revised membership form. In the new membership form under Chapter is a category identified as Other. That category is for those living abroad.

During the convention on Friday, November 14, there will be Regional Chapter meetings, and the map with the towns/cities will be provided in the printed program for you to know what Regional Chapter meeting to attend.

If you are in a given regional chapter and it is not within your geographical area, you may choose to stay in the regional chapter of your choice. According to the Bylaws Article X. Regional Chapter C. Each chapter may accept members from other local chapters who have indicated a preference or affiliation other than by geographical designation, but no member can be affiliated to more than one local chapter.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon at the Convention.


Edward Torres
2014 PRTESOL President